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The SportsSplash Podcast
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Sports talk radio has unfortunately evolved into a slew of talking heads that want us all to believe that their opinion is the gospel.

Who wants to listen to one or two guys sitting around spouting off about their feelings on today’s sports news? It’s time we offer the public something very different.

Sports fans want to hear from experts. They want to hear from the guys that play for, coach, or cover their favorite teams. The Sports Splash Podcast will immerse listeners in actual sports knowledge through multiple in-depth interviews.

The weekly show features 2-4 guests that will provide real insight into their particular sports genre.

The Splash is very diverse as we talk to experts from every corner of the wide world of sports, and has quickly become an absolute habit for fans throughout Middle Tennessee and is presented by Michael's Pizza and More!

Justin Swallows

Justin Swallows


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